असहाय लोगों के लिए राखी मेला

Posted by: जयंत कुमार Wednesday 24th of January 2018 05:44:36 PM

Kanpur: On 27.07.2017, the Rohani group said that the Rohani group is organizing a Rakhi Mela for the help of helpless people on Sunday in Kedi Palace Makarupganj Kanpur this year as per the Rohingya Group's objective of the Rakhi Mela. To help, the money received from Rakhi Mela is sent to Mount Abu headquarters at Mount Abu, headquartered at Ruhani Group. The organization of the Rohani group is working on reaching the message of peace. Our institution meditates on the path of wisdom, through the path of knowledge, the flow of the Rohani group is working to show the new direction to Mohini, Sunita Deepika, Simmi, Anita etc. . The fair will be organized from 10:30 to 9:30 am on Sunday 29.07.17 Sunday.

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